SEPTEMBER 28-30, 2021
Virtual Conference
SEPTEMBER 28-30, 2021
Virtual Conference

Conference Speakers


Kevin Urman, Ph.D.

Fibers Technology Director, Ascend Performance Materials


Kevin Urman is the Fibers Technology Director for Ascend Performance Materials, a global engineered materials company creating innovative nylon fibers for industries from automotive to textiles. Kevin believes in a customer-focused approach to innovation, helping partners find the precise solution that addresses their key constraints. Previously, Kevin held technical leadership positions at Invista and Eastman Chemical Company. In those roles, he developed new fibers for carpet, apparel, filter tow and nonwoven applications as well as circular economy initiatives for single-use plastics and apparel. Kevin earned a bachelor’s degree in materials science and engineering from Pennsylvania State University, a Ph.D. in polymer science and engineering from the University of Southern Mississippi, and an MBA from the University of South Carolina.
Wednesday, September 29
10:30 am - 11:15 am
Promising Innovations in Nonwovens II

Filtration Media Functionalized with Zinc Oxide

After pollutants are successfully arrested by filtration media, these pollutants can retain their malicious attributes and can e-enter the ambient atmosphere during any subsequent handling or for disposal. It has been documented that bacterial and viral spores trapped on surfaces can remain infectious even after 10s of days and the SARS-CoV-2 virus can survive on the outer layer of surgical masks or on healthcare uniforms for three to seven days.

We report a newly developed technology where filter media are constructed with nonwoven or textile fabric layers that possess the build-in ability to inactivate bacterial and viral strains. This will potentially reduce the impact of air borne infectious diseases. The textile fabrics and nonwoven layers are produced from polymer with zinc oxide embedded uniformly throughout the polymer, without the need for any topical treatment or post finishing applications. This technology utilizes zinc oxide to inactivate bacterial and viral strains to protect the media. No chemicals that are detrimental to the environment are used. This technology is well suited for applications such as face masks, air filtration, and ventilators. A description of this unique technology as well as relevant filtration efficiency and bioefficacy performance will be presented.

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