SEPTEMBER 28-30, 2021
Virtual Conference
SEPTEMBER 28-30, 2021
Virtual Conference

Conference Speakers


Mark Janulis

Sales Director-NAFTA, Andritz, Inc.

Wednesday, September 29
1:30 pm - 2:40 pm
Process Innovations in Nonwovens

ANDRITZ Nonwoven – NeXeco Dry S1 & S2 Energy Savings with Metris Monitoring & Optimization

ANDRITX Nonwovens has developed the neXecodry S1 & S2 energy saving methods as independent process systems that can be switched ON / OFF very quickly and easily with no added energy consumption when the systems are activated and in use. The S1 & S2 neXecodry systems can be used independently or used together. The S1 & S2 neXecodry systems use two very different physical phenomenon to collectively reduce the nonwoven drying energy consumption. The S1 neXecodry system lowers the moisture content of the nonwoven web (by decreasing the superficial tension of the water contained in the nonwoven web) during the dewatering process before entering into the dryer. The neXecodry S2 system lowers the actual moisture content of the web (from evaporation) before entering into the dryer. Energy cost savings are realized by reducing dryer energy consumption (gas and/or electricity) which will directly improve the nonwoven manufacturer’s annual profit by reducing OPEX. By also incorporating the Digital and IIoT Solutions developed for ANDRITZ Nonwovens (ANDRITZ Metris Cost Management System), you can closely monitor electrical power consumption, gas consumption, water, chemicals and even fiber consumption to interpret process data into behaviors which clearly point out where potential savings opportunities reside in your nonwoven production operation.

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