SEPTEMBER 28-30, 2021
Virtual Conference
SEPTEMBER 28-30, 2021
Virtual Conference

Conference Speakers


Nick Carter

Vice-President of Marketing, Avgol Nonwovens


•     Over 21 years in the Nonwoven Industry

•     Served in key roles including Global Director of Intellectual Property, New Product Development Task Force Teams and Director of Market Business Intelligence

•     Been with Avgol Nonwovens for approximately 9 years, first as an outside IP consultant and now as Vice-President of Marketing

•     Inventor on over 85 patented concepts and author of a number of Thought Leadership articles directed to the Nonwoven’s Industry

Tuesday, September 28
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Increasing Circularity in Nonwovens

Biotransformation Technology in Polyolefin Fibers and Nonwoven Fabrics, Focus on Fugitive Used Articles

Today, the word “sustainability” does not have a unified meaning in the Industries we serve. Perform a regional analysis on any given customer or consumer, delve into legislative body or advocacy group’s positioning and you will find each are likely to use the word ‘sustainable’ with varying interpretations, implementations, and implications. In this presentation, we are going to focus on one aspect of sustainability, the topic of waste single use articles in the environment. Specifically, we intend to move from the problem statement to a means for reducing the negative environmental and financial effects such single use article fugitive wastes pose to municipalities and manufacturers.

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