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Nishika Aponso

Manager- FemTech , MAS Holdings Pvt Ltd


Nishika is responsible for new innovation and commercialization in the FemTech space at MAS Holdings. MAS Holdings is one of South Asia’s largest apparel manufacturers, with over 30 years of experience in intimate wear, Active wear and swim wear. FemTech at MAS is the go to manufacturer of women’s health apparel, providing solutions across the female reproductive life cycle, from Menarche to Menopause, to help bring normalcy to women’s lives.

Nishika heads the Maternity pillar within FemTech, which innovates in the pregnancy and post-partum areas, providing functional apparel and accessories to help mothers manage their pregnancy and post-partum period. Nishika and her team oversee the innovation process from end consumer research, to prototyping, functional testing, patenting, and building B2B partnerships for commercialization.

Wednesday, September 30
3:15 pm - 3:45 pm
RISE® Innovation Award Presentations

Leakproof Absorbent Nursing Pads

Within FemTech at MAS, we look at solving needs across the entire female reproductive life-cycle from menarche to menopause. Having already invented absorbent underwear for urinary incontinence and menstruation, a period pain relieving band, and anti hot flush clothing for menopause, our next step was to look at pregnant women. We found that none of them are happy with their existing solutions to manage breast milk leaks- current reusable products leak through, feel wet and are not absorbent enough. We used extensive research to gauge how much they leak during the day, how many times, etc to come up with a product that can absorb 30ml of milk while feeling dry and is leak-proof. We further solved pain points moms were having by adding a bra shape to the pad, adding an outer layer to grip on to the bra and stay in place, and also developed another fully absorbent in built bra for moms who do not want to change their pad.

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