Conference Speakers

Nishika Aponso
Manager- FemTech , MAS Holdings Pvt Ltd
Leakproof Absorbent Nursing Pads
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Gajanan Bhat, Ph.D.
Textiles, Merchandising and Interiors, The University of Georgia
Sustainable Polymers and Fibers for Nonwovens: Current Status and Future Potential
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Thomas Broch
Regulatory & Scientific Affairs Manager, Fibertex Personal Care A/S
Sustainability from the Perspective of a Nonwoven Supplier to Disposable Personal Care Products
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Seth Casden
President, Hologenix LLC
The Future of Performance Fabrics
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Ryan Chan, Ph.D.
VP of R&D, Tethis, Inc.
Using Biobased Superabsorbent Materials to Dramatically Increase Biobased Content of Hygiene Products
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Lee Clapp, Ph.D.
Director of Market Development and Innovation - Technical Polymer Applications, Omya Inc.
Calcium Carbonate for Increased Sustainability in Nonwovens
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Daniel Constant
CEO, Sustainable Solutions Incorporated
BlueCON Nonwoven
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Jessica Dahle
Product Development Scientist, Fitesa
Sustainability: Narrowing a Wide Scope
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Jon Devine
Senior Economist, Cotton Incorporated
COVID & the Global Fiber Market
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Mette Due
QA & Sustainability Director, Fibertex Personal Care A/S
Sustainability from the Perspective of a Nonwoven Supplier to Disposable Personal Care Products
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Robert Green
Vice President of Performance Polymers , NatureWorks
Driving Production Efficiency and Performance in N95 Face Masks
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Paul Harmon
VP of Product Development & Product Marketing - HHS, Berry Global
Plastics and a Socially Responsible Future
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Bryan Haynes, Ph.D.
Senior Technical Director, Global Nonwovens, Kimberly-Clark Corporation
The Future of Sustainable Plastic Alternatives and the Impact of the SUPD on Innovation
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Brad Kalil
Director of Market Intelligence and Economic Insights, INDA
The State of the North American Nonwoven’s Market and Its Response to COVID-19
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Alexander Koukoulas, Ph.D.
Managing Director, A2K Consulting, LLC
Biobased Fibers for Nonwovens: Trends and Future Outlook
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Tristan Kretschmann
Manager for R&D Projects, Reifenhauser REICOFIL GmbH & Co. KG
Simplifying Nonwoven Manufacturing Using the Reicofil Data Reporting System
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Helmut Lauterbach
Business Manager Textile And Nonwoven, Kelheim Fibres GmbH
New Horizons with Eco-friendly and Flat Specialty Viscose Fiber
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John Layman, Ph.D.
Section Head - Corporate R&D and Chief Technologist/Founding Inventor, PureCycle, The Procter & Gamble Co.
Ultra-Pure Recycling of Polypropylene and Going Beyond
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Isao Noda, Ph.D., D.Sc.
Member of the Board of Directors, Danimer Scientific
New Developments in PHA Fibers
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Behnam Pourdeyhimi, Ph.D.
William A. Klopman Distinguished Professor, And Executive Director, North Carolina State University, The Nonwovens Institute
Surgical Mask Particle Filtration Efficiency: Time for Change
Spunbond High Efficiency Filter
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John Roberts
Strategic Marketing Executive - Polypropylene-Vistamaxx - Adhesion (PVA), ExxonMobil Chemical Company
How Innovation & Teamwork Supported a Large-scale Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic
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Orlando Rojas, Ph.D.
Professor, University of British Columbia
Sustainable Materials and Their Processing for the Future Nonwovens Industry
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Steve Sikra
Vice-President and Chief of Staff, The Alliance To End Plastic Waste
Moving from a Linear to a Circular Economy
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